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Dr. Alex Mapleton was born in Kuttikanum, Peermade (Idukki Dt.) as the youngest child in the family. After spending his boyhood there, he moved to Kidangoor, (Kottayam Dt.) for schooling.  He is an alumni of  St. Thomas College, Pala and one of the first from Kerala to enter the profession of Physiotherapy at WHO’s premier program in Mumbai.  He later worked for the Government of India in New Delhi.  He is also a  scholar in Hindi.  He proceeded to the USA in 1968 for advanced clinical training and post graduate studies.  He received one graduate degree each from the Universities of Michigan and Detroit (MPH and MA) and became a specialist in Gerontology (Health problems of the Aged).  Even though professionally retired, he is active in health related, philanthropic and community activities.

He married Molly Chazhikatt in 1964. They have two daughters, Shiny and Sharina, and three sons, Shinoo, Shawn, and Matthew. Shiny is a physical therapist and lives in California. Shinoo is a mechanical engineer and lives in California. Shawn is a family practitioner and lives in Nevada. Matthew is an investment specialist and lives in California. Sharina is a general cardiologist and lives in California.

Alex was a director of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for over forty years in India and the USA.

He showed active interest in music since early childhood.  He studied vocal music from accomplished singers in both Karnatic and Hindustani systems of music and is still active with live recordings and concerts in both Hindi and Malayalam.

Notable Concerts

  1. Symphony India A history making concert, the first of its kind held anywhere in the world. A 50-piece western symphony orchestra joining a 14 piece Indian Ensemble presenting more music of India conducted by an American Music Director. The date: May 13, 1984; City: Detroit, Michigan. The concert consisted of two halves: 10 India movie songs jointly presented by the symphony orchestra and the Indian ensemble; 12 similar India songs presented by the Indian ensemble.
  2. Mohammed Rafi Nite – On April 11, 1981, to commemorate the musical contributions of India’s all time great singer Mohammed Rafi, a concert was held in Detroit. 22 immortal songs of Rafi Saab were presented. The legendary singer had passed away the previous year. Reportedly, this memorial musical evening was the first in North America, perhaps anywhere in the world.

  3. Sham-A-Trannum – A concert sponsored by the Pakistan Association of America on August 23, 1986 in Detroit with songs selected from both Indian and Pakistan.
  4. Kala Sandhya – In connection with the Centenary Celebrations of St. Mary’s HHS Kidangoor, India, a musical evening was held on Jan. 20, 2007.
  5. Sungeeth Sandhya – Held at Dr. Alex Chettiath Memorial Hall, Kidangoor, India on Dec. 14, 2008. Chief guest, Cine Music Direction Jerry Amaldev.
  6. Amoolya Ratnangal (Gems of Hindi movie music) – On May 29, 2005, Niravath Auditorium, Kindangoor, India
  7. Gaana Mela – Popular and Movie Music in Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi, Chicago, IL (1981)
  8. Raaga Sandya – Popular Movie Songs in Malayalam and Hindi, Los Angeles, CA (1989).
  9. Sham-E-Tarannum – Popular and Movie songs from the Indian Subcontinent, San Diego, CA (1989)
  10. Archana – a concert of  Marian Devotional songs, St. Mary’s Forane Church, Kidangoor, Kerala, India (2007)

Radio Host and M.C.
Produced and presented weekly radio shows, principally of  Hindi movie songs for Indian communities in Detroit (Geetanjaly) and Las Vegas (Sungeeth) for several years, with all commentaries in English.

M.C.’d selected programs featuring prominent singers/actors or, for community events.

Audio/Video Publications
As principal male vocalist, produced and published the following.

  1. Nazaranippattukal – Christian Wedding Songs of India – 1993
  2. Avanichandrika – Malayalam Popular – 1999
  3. Malayala Sheelukal – Malayalam Popular – 2002
  4. Eashwara Dhyanum– Malayalam Devotional 2002
  5. Bhaktigeethungal – Malayalam Devotional – 2002
  6. Anjaly – Hindi Devotional – 2002
  7. Immortal Hindi Melodies – 2004
  8. Archana – Malayalam Devotional – 2008
  9. Ponmuthu – Classic Malayalam Movie Songs – 2008
  10. Chilanka – Malayalam Popular – 2011
  11. Raat Taaron Ki – Hindi Popular – 2011
  12. Venmuth – Classic Malayalam Movie Songs – 2011
  13. Homage Mohammed Rafi: A musical memorial Volume 1 & 2 – 2020
  14. Ageless Hindi Melodies: Volume 1 & 2 – 2020
  15. Chhalki Chandni – 2020
  16. Pyaar Kar Le – 2020
  17. Memorable Modern Movie Melodies – 2020
  18. Lavanya – Malayalam Popular
  19. Ente Abhayam – Volume 1 & 2 – 2020
  20. Maria Gana Archana – Volume 1 & 2 – 2020
  21. Vasantha POWRNAMI

Notable Partners for Duets

  • Vani Jairam
  • K.S. Chitra
  • Sujata
  • Elizabeth Raju
  • Gayathri
  • Preetha Kannan
  • Deepa
  • Brinda
  • Mini
  • Sangeetha
  • Shyla
  • Bindu
  • Lekha Nair
  • Shruthi
  • Diya Chand

T.V. Appearance
“Shalom” is currently telecasting four devotional songs- in three, Alex is featured as actor-singer and in one, as vocalist.

YouTube Channel: Alexander Mapleton

– Christian Musicological Society of India
– American Physical Therapy Association
– Indian Association of Physiotherapists
– Life Member, Alumni Association, University of Michigan

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