A warm welcome to my website.

With pride and pleasure, may I invite you to take a quick look at some of my interests, aspirations and activities that I have been blessed to pursue.

My life in the USA and India were divided between pursuits in healthcare, community  involvements, writing and music.  Success and failures, ups and downs, encouragements of all sorts – I have seen them all.  Challenges have rarely discouraged me.

Since retiring in 2003 from active rehabilitation services in Las Vegas, my wife Molly and I have been devoting our time between India and USA.  As one of the first to study Medical Rehabilitation and Health Gerontology from India, one long term goal of mine was to upgrade the professional competency of health practitioners in India, especially in Kerala.

Lately, I have been focusing on increasing the awareness about “Life Style Diseases” among the people of Kerala, one of the worst affected regions in the whole world in terms of health practices followed.  To address these needs, a few months ago, I registered a nonprofit organization, India-International Health Foundation.  I authored a series of articles on “Health and Happiness”, which now appear in one popular fortnightly.  A health blog is also being set up to further this objective. 

My life-long passion for Indian popular music inspired me to present musical concerts including symphony groups in India & USA, produce Indian radio shows and to bring out twenty-one audio CDs and three DVDs.  I have recorded popular and devotional songs in Hindi & Malayalam.   Songs selected for inclusion in all these cover a wide variety and many are original compositions. Ever popular vocalists, KS Chithra, Vani Jairam, Sujatha, Gayathri, Preetha, Chithra Arun, Mithila Michael and many other prominent singers have joined me in these recordings.  My YouTube channel: Alexander Mapleton, also carries many of my songs in Malayalam and Hindi.

I have written and edited a book documenting the Knanaya diaspora.  This book, KNANAYA CATHOLICS: History, Heritage and Heroes, a 600+ page book  has now gone through two printings.

My erstwhile pursuits and newer projects and the support and goodwill I receive, help keep me motivated, productive and happy.

Kind Regards,