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Since my school days both the spoken and written word fascinated me.  I took interest in all three languages learnt in school, namely Malayalam, English, and Hindi.  Writing and speaking (as also singing) were and still are a source of satisfaction for me.  My articles have appeared both in scientific journals (e.g. Physiotherapy, Health Gerontology, Rehabilitation) and contemporary publications (souvenirs, Apna Des, Kudumba Deepam etc.).  Philip Analil's book: "Nyngal Kanta America" carried a section I wrote in Malayalam:  "Ente American Anubhavangal".

"KNANAYA CATHOLICS: History Heritage & Heroes"

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This book, published in December 2010, was a special limited edition.  It chronicles the history of the Knanaya community in India and highlights the immigrant experience through the personal stories of many of its members.  Those who have an interest in our history and traditions may find this to be an invaluable resource.  


To my knowledge, there is none in English which is as comprehensive as KNANAYA CATHOLICS: History, Heritage & Heroes. For this very reason, I feel that this book is immensely important to every Knanaya family especially for those living outside Kerala. 

               Archbishop Kuriakose Kunnacherry




624 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", soft-cover 

US $30 + $6 for U.S. shipping & handling. For shipping outside the U.S., please contact by email for costs:  

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Alex Mapleton
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