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Music has been a life-long passion for me.  Spreading the musical sound of India that I loved dearly, became a mission that I have pursued with great vigor and enthusiasm.  Since my childhood, I was active in music.  I won many first place awards and sang regularly at church, school, college & community events, etc.  I have appeared as a singer in several cities including Bombay, New Delhi, Detroit, Chicago, Toronto, New York, Washington, DC., Los Angeles, and San Diego.

I have produced and published 12 CDs; a few more are in the making.  Five songs from my video CD are being telecast by "Shalom".  These CDs are compilations of some of my favorite songs in Malayalam and Hindi.  These include movie melodies and original compositions, both popular and devotional.  Many of the original works are by my brother, the late Mathew Mapleton.  Some CDs contain unforgettable songs in Hindi and Malayalam, many of which are musically embellished and/or lyrically extended to enhance their appeal and acceptance.   Mathew Mapleton was a gifted singer and a versatile composer in Hindi & Malayalam. He studied under Bollywood music director late Iqbal.  Selections include unpublished lyrics by ONV and Kunianthodath in Malayalam and by Dr. Subhash Kelkar, internationally famous radio-host of Geetanjaly (Detroit) and playwright. 
All of the following CDs are available for purchase.  $10 per CD plus $5 shipping and handling.  Please send your check to: 
Alex Mapleton
10552 Beech Creek St.
Las Vegas, NV 89141

Chilanka - Ever-sweet Malayalam Melodies (EastWest Music, 2011)
A collection of 12 original compositions sung by India's leading vocalists:
KS Chitra, Vani Jairam, Sujatha, Elizabeth Raju ('Body Guard' fame), etc.
A true reflection of the versatility and originality of the late Mathew Mapleton as a composer/music director.
Lyrics by ONV, Bichu Thirumala, Joseph Mattom, C. Kurianthodath, Rajan Maret, etc.
Every song a musical delight!
 1.  Kuliranium Thennal
 2.  Ambala vilakkukal
 3.  Ambili ammavan
 4.  Madhumaasa nilavu
 5.  Panineerkattu
 6.  Paarilirangiya Thaarungal
 7.  Raagum Paarijaathum
 8.  Ponnilanjippoo
 9.  Jabse dekha tumhen
10. Mannine pankitunnu
11. Pulimarachottilay
12. Kerala Naatu

Click Below for a Sample

Track 1 - Kuliranium Thennal

Track 3 - Ambili Ammavan

Track 7 - Raagum Paarijaathum

Track 10 - Mannine Pankitunnu

Track 12 - Kerala Naatu

Raat Taaronki - Original and modified Hindi melodies (EastWest Music, 2011)
Twelve songs - Six original and six enriched/enlarged and sung by Vani Jairam, Sujata, etc.
Selections come from far and near, decades old or contemporary.
A rare opportunity to appreciate the lyrical beauties by Detroit's "Geetanjaly" fame,
Dr. Subhash Kelkar.
 1. Raat taaron ki
 2. Ye shaam aur tera naam
 3. Miltey hi aankhen
 4. Bheegi raat mein
 5. Jabse dekha tumhen
 6. Woh mere humsaaye hain
 7. Aapne kya kiya
 8. Abhi thehro
 9. Meri yaad mein
10. Bheegi bheegisi
11. Hale dil
12. Chori chori aanken

Click Below for a Sample

Track 1 - Raat Taaronki

Track 2 - Ye Shaam Aur Tera Naam

Track 5 - Jabse Dekha Tumhen

Track 9 - Meri Yaad Mein

Venmuth:Old is Gold in Malayalam (EastWest Music, 2011)
Essentially, an enlargement and replacement of Ponmuth. A collection of fourteen classic songs from Malayalam movies and musicals with everlasting appeal. Every song is enriched, embellished, and often extended. Selections cover gems from three decades - from 1953 with 'Thiramaala' to 1978 with 'Rowdy Ramu.'
A Connoisseur's delight and must-have!
 1. Madhurikkum ormakalay
 2. Velutha pennay
 3. Chakkarapandalil
 4. Kaayalarikathu
 5. Naladamayanti
 6. Vellambal poikayil
 7. Thalakku meethay
 8. Kanmani neeyen
 9. Thangakinakkal
10. Enginay nee marakkum
11. Chandanappallakkil
12. Aaamalar poikayil
13. Thaamara thumpi
14. Hey Kaliyotamay

Click Below for a Sample

Track 1 - Madhurikkum Ormakalay

Track 4 - Kaayalarikathu

Track 9 - Thangakinakkal

Track 14 - Hey Kaliyotamay

Nazaranippattukal: Christian Wedding Songs of India, (Mapleton Music, 1993)

My first CD is a collection of “Ancient Songs” (Puranthanappattukal).  It remains very special to me because it allowed me to express both my passion for music and pride in my Knanaya heritage. The songs are grouped into 5 categories: Anointment of the Bride, Preparation of the Groom, Folk Dances, All Occasions, and Wedding Reception.
    1.    Mar Thoman (a)
    2.    Maranarul (Mylanchippattu)
    3.    Alam Chamanyathil
    4.    Annannu Kannimar
    5.    Pirhawarhikku
    6.    Mar Thoman (b)
    7.    Maraneesho
    8.    Akkalam Bawa
    9.    Thamara bhangi
    10.    Alahanayanum (Orupadesum)
    11.    Nallororshlaym
    12.    Othu Thirichavar
    13.    Moonmum Malankara
    14.    Innu Nee Nyungalay
    15.    Anpinotay Bawa
    16.    Baroo Mariyam
    17.    Mar Thoman (c)
    18.    Warhwenna Warhoo (Song of Blessing)
    19.    Alahanayan (Warhoowattakali)
    20.    Ponnanintheetum (a medley)
    21.    Munga Thungam

Click Below for a Sample

Track 3 - Alam Chamanyathil

Track 8 - Akkalam Bawa

Track 9 - Thamara Bhangi

Track 17 - Mar Thoman

Track 21 - Munga Thungam

 Avanichandrika: Popular Songs - Malayalam, (Mapleton Music, 1999)

A group of ten original compositions reminiscent of the good old melodies with contemporary orchestration.  Unlike some of today's popular short-lived ones, these tunes will beckon you.

    1.    Malayalanatu
    2.    Vruchhikakattu
    3.    Nishagundhi
    4.    Maanasapoika
    5.    Pichakapoovanum
    6.    Avanichandrika
    7.    Naalathey Prabhathum
    8.    Urhimukhathalinganum
    9.    Ee Lokum
    10.    Minnaminungukal

Click Below for a Sample

Track 5 - Pichakapoovanum

Track 6 - Avanichandrika

Track 10 - Minnaminungukal

Archana: Christian Devotional, (Mapleton Music, 2008)

A collection of 8 melodious Marian hymns emphasizing the theme, "To Jesus, through Mary".  Two hymns are brand new, never published before.
    1.    Anugraha Poomarha
    2.    Kristianikalutay Sahayam
    3.    Mary Manonjay
    4.    Katalala Meethay
    5.    Ethrayum Dayayulla
    6.    Nee Ente Velichum
    7.    Ammay Mariye
    8.    Divyakarunya Nadha

Click Below for a Sample

Track 1 - Anugraha Poomarha

Track 3 - Mary Manonjay

Track 8 - Divyakarunya Nadha

Immortal Hindi Melodies (Mapleton Music, 2008)


Taken from live concerts held in India & the USA by Alex, Shyla, Vidya, etc. including hits from Anari, Andeaz, Awaara, Aah, BlackMail, Kaala Bazaar, Kajal, Parvarish, Sambandh, etc. originaly sung by Md. Rafi, Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, Manna Dey and Lata Mangeshkar, and composed by legends - Naushad, Shanker-Jaikishen, SD Burman, Ravi, Hemant Kumaar Kalyanji-Anandji, etc.


 1. Jhoom Jhoom Ke Nacho
 2. Dil ki nazar ze
 3. Chhoo Lene do
 4. O! Rath ke musafir
 5. Awara hoon
 6. Aja re ab mera dil pukara
 7. Chal akela
 8. Pal pal dilke paas
 9. Mastibhara
10. Khoya khoya chand

Click Below for a Sample

Track 3 - Chhoo Lene do

Track 4 - O! Rath ke Musafir

Track 6 - Aja re ab mera dil pukara

Track 8 - Pal pal dilke paas

Malayalasheelukal: Popular Songs, (Mapleton Music, 2002)


Eleven haunting melodies, all ORIGINAL compositions in the evergreen age-old style with modern musical sound, make up its contents.  Lyricists include ONV, Kurianthodath and the late Rajan Maret. 3 Oppana (Mappila) style songs are a special attraction.


    1.    Monchulla Sundari
    2.    Pattukari Tathamma
    3.    Vellilamkavu
    4.    Panchami Ravu
    5.    Poomegham
    6.    Vilakkutharumo
    7.    Konchikurhanju
    8.    Madhumasanilavu
    9.    Kakkiyuduppu
    10.  Panapathrangal
    11.  Paris Lady

Click Below for a Sample

Track 1 - Monchulla Sundari

Track 5 - Poomegham

Track 11 - Paris Lady

Anjaly - An Offering: Devotional Songs - Hindi, (Mapleton Music, 2002)
An unusual collection of original melodies from the north and south.  It includes One Tulsi bhajan and a Brahmananda bhajan.
  1. Jaago Jaago
  2. Swagath Karo
  3. Tu Dayalu Deen Hoon (Tulsi Bhajan)
  4. Devta. Sub Ke Pitha
  5. Aao Chale. Aao Chale
  6. Prem Mudith Man Se Keho
  7. Prabhu Mein Hoon Das (Brahmananda Bhajan)
  8. Dayasaagar
  9. Kya Hai Karishma
  10. Hum Bole Prabhu

Click Below for a Sample

Track 1 - Jaago Jaago

Track 6 - Prem Mudith Man Se Keho

Track 10 - Hum Bole Prabhu

Eashwaradhyanum: Christian Devotional, (Mapleton Music, 2002)
All songs are devoutly devotional in flavor; tunes are tasteful and will linger long in the ears.  It includes six ORIGINAL compositions and some immortal hymns.  Lyrics of Mahakavi Kattakayam, Sr. Rosalia, P.V. Thommy, V. Nagel, and Rajan Maret do evoke piety.

    1.    Snehathin Itayan
    2.    Jagalpithavu
    3.    Devakumaran
    4.    Sandhyavandanum
    5.    Vanilay Pithavu
    6.    Dayavaaridhy
    7.    Deivathin Snefum
    8.    Surarajan
    9.    Varhthappettavan
    10.   Jattarathil Jananum

Click Below for a Sample

Track 1 - Snehathin Itayan

Track 6 - Dayavaridhy

Track 10 - Jattarathil Jananum

Bhaktiggethugal: Christian Devotional, (Mapleton Music, 2002)


Lyrical beauty and simplicity of themes when cast in melodious tunes make some hymns simply stand out.  That is what these ten songs really are.  Here some very traditional hymns go hand in hand with contemporary lyrics.  Some are truly old wine in a new bottle. As the title says, the songs are bound to elevate your thoughts to your creator and saviour.  
Two hymns are in praise of St. Alphonsa, Blessed Mother Teresa and Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara.


    1.    Deva Ninnaganum
    2.    Easter Hymn
    3.    Paateetaam Gloria
    4.    Calvariyutay Varhi
    5.    Prapanchamam Devalayam
    6.    Enthinu Kerhunnu
    7.    Nalleesho
    8.    Prabhatha Reshmi
    9.    Pithavay Sthuthi
    10.   Mother Teresa

Click Below for a Sample

Track 1 - Deva Ninnaganum

Track 3 - Paateetaam Gloria

Track 6 - Enthinu Kerhunnu

Pyaar Ker Ley: Hindi Popular, (Mapleton Music, 2004)


A collection of eight soothing songs set in an immortal musical framework.  All lyrics by the internationally known radio host of Geetanjaly (Detroit) and playwright Dr. Subhash Kelkar.  State-of-the-art orchestration and analog recording and mixing by gifted guitarist Syriac Thomas (Rose Studio, Chicago).  These haunting melodies will linger long in your ears.


    1.    Pyaar Kerlay
    2.    Tum Sunder Ho
    3.    Dil Men Tum
    4.    Chhulkey Surahi
    5.    Maaneu Na Meri
    6.    Zehreelee Raho
    7.    Dolee Men
    8.    Sindoori Maang

Click Below for a Sample

Track 1 - Pyaar Kerlay

Track 4 - Chhulkey Surahi

Track 6 - Zehreelee Raho